User privacy

Effective date: Jan 1st 2016

At Grafica, we recognize the importance of consumer privacy. Grafica provides tools to companies that allow them to analyze usage of their own websites with the goal of improving their customers’ experience.

Grafica treats the data collected on behalf of our customers as our customers’ own confidential data. Grafica does not reveal, sell, share, or exchange data between two customers or to any third-party. Our goal at Grafica is to make the online businesses that consumers enjoy even better.

As an analytics tool provider we provide our customers with a variety of tools to align the usage of our product with their own privacy policy.

As a consumer…

…it is important that you read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use of any site you visit.

As a site owner…

…it is important to make sure that the software you install on your site acts in accordance with these terms and that you disclose the use and operation of Grafica analytics products and tools in your own privacy policy. If you have any questions about how, as a site owner, you can configure Grafica to align with your privacy policy, please e-mail us at

As an additional step to respecting consumer privacy and providing additional tools for our customers, consumers can email us below to opt-out or opt-in of tracking by Grafica across all Grafica -enabled websites subject to the user’s settings or practices regarding third party cookies, as discussed below.


Please note: Due to technical limitations the only way we can opt you out is to set a cookie on our domain If you clear this cookie you will lose your opt-out status. This cookie only works on your current browser. You will have to visit this page and opt-out each browser you use. When visiting a Grafica-enabled website we will attempt to read this cookie and if we can we will not track any information about you. However, because this cookie will be set on our domain, not the site you are visiting, this will be treated as a third-party cookie. If your browser rejects third-party cookies you will lose your opt-out status.